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i never knew this was thing until now and I am so happy I've finally found it

please make a part 2 or something -- that cliffhanger was not it. i wanted to see if our boy stefan asked the player (me) on a date or something.. ugh

I would like to try to translate this novel into Russian

Feel free to translate the game!
The game's files should have everything you need to do it. You'd just have to learn the basics of Renpy, the game engine we built the game with.

If you actually do it, let us know and we will put a link to your translation on the game's page


ah shit im feelin it




the demo already had me going, good luck on completing the game. so far so fucking good.

a ride to love when???

We'll publish a devlog soon but it'll probably take a few more months before the complete game releases


Did they see this? Its really fucking funny lol


We haven't heard of Death Grips seeing this but Anthony Fantano made a video about it

Also thank you!

I am really really eager to see more of this!!!

this is good

I love everything about it 

hell yeah

finally a visual novel everyone can enjoy